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Rodent Resistant

Rock wool insulation resists rodents. Unlike traditional insulations rodents do not like to nest in rock wool insulation.

The fibrous composition of rock wool insulation provides a flexibility and versatility not found in most other insulations. Rock wool insulation does not settle or compress like other insulation products.


Outstanding Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is a critical determinant in choosing an insulation product that has been thoroughly tested and proven to perform at the same level as when installed for the life of the building. Rock wool insulation is tested to all applicable industry standards to ensure its R-value does not deteriorate over time.

Excellent Fire Resistance

The performance of building materials in a fire is a key factor in protecting the occupants of the building and allowing them to escape safely. Rock wool insulation is naturally non-combustible and remains so for the life of the product without the addition of harsh and potentially dangerous chemical fire retardants. The insulation can resist temperatures in excess of 2,000°F     (melts @2,150°F)

Excellent Sound Absorption

The fibrous structure and high density of rock wool insulation offer excellent sound absorption properties, making these products an outstanding part of overall wall systems designed to reduce sound transmission.

Mold, Fungi and Bacteria Resistant

Rock wool insulation resists the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria

because it is inorganic. These products offer enhanced protection

against damaging moisture infiltration that can rob insulation of R-value.

You don’t have to worry about condensation.

This short video shows a model house built from Roxul (Rockwool Batts) set on fire with a box of chocolates inside.



Rockwool Insulation is a product of American Rockwool Manufacturing

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